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Magician For Childrens Parties in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire


Tewkesbury children’s party magician and magical entertainer Mr Fizz is one of the most funniest and popular children’s entertainer around. 

The kids and children of Tewkesbury all know who he is and they simply can’t get enough of him and his amazing magic show.  They love watching his large, fantastic, funny and modern magic shows and they know they will be in for a magic time when he arrives to perform.

However, it’s not just the children of Tewkesbury who enjoy Mr Fizz’s party magic.  The parents enjoy his magic shows too.  He likes to entertain and make them laugh as well.  This is good news for the parents because sometimes they worry about arranging a children or kids party because they want it to run well so Mr Fizz takes care of all their concerns.

Childrens party magic entertainers are sometimes though of as old fashioned.  Not Mr Fizz.  He creates his own tricks to use in his magic shows to entertain the children.  He knows how to make them laugh and hold their attention and create a terrific magic party atmosphere!

Entertaining children is not easy as any adult will tell you but Mr Fizz is a natural at keeping your children and kids happily entertained for the whole of the magic show.
Kids and children can sometimes get bored but Mr Fizz has a magic party show that is fast paced and full of surprises and maybe the odd rabbit or two appearing out from nowhere to keep the children entertained!

Mr Fizz also has other ways to keep the children and kids entertained other than magic. He uses a karaoke machine to supply music so he can play magic games with the children and also gives out prizes too.  Children also love model balloons and Mr Fizz makes sure every child gets one so you do not need to give out party bags unless you want to.  Magic! 

Mr Fizz performs magic shows for children of all ages and can tailor one to suit you too.
He also perform outside of Tewkesbury so why not contact him and see how he can help make you children or kids magic party one to remember!  Mr Fizz can perform his show at any venue large or small.  Each show can be arranged to suit different sizes and budgets.

Bring your children/kids to Mr Fizz - He will make them laugh!!

A special treat Mr Fizz has in store for the birthday child is to encourage them to do the magic! Just imagine how much your child will glow with confidence if they can produce a real rabbit from nowhere, or make a dove disappear! How many children can say they can do that! – They will remember that special moment for many years!

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