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Mr Fizz Magician's Pets for Childrens Magic Parties


At the end of Mr Fizz’s children and kids magic show he will let the children stroke Pumpkin the Magic Rabbit. She is a pedigree Lion Head Rabbit who never fails to win the affection of the children.

Pumpkin loves to have her picture taken with the birthday child. She is a well looked after rabbit who lives in a really large hutch and eats fresh vegetables every day but not lettuce because it is not good for rabbits.

Pumpkin The Magicians Rabbit

A special treat Mr Fizz has in store for the birthday child is to encourage them to do the magic! Just imagine how much your child will glow with confidence if they can produce a real rabbit from nowhere, or make a dove disappear! How many children can say they can do that! – They will remember that special moment for many years!

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